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At Sacred Seed our passion is coffee.  It started with an idea to share that passion with others.  Our goal is to show how truly great coffee is.  We want to bring people back to the basics of coffee and help them really get to know the purity that comes straight from the bean.  Coffee done right does not require any added flavoring. There is bounty of flavor that comes naturally when the beans are roasted right. 

No one can be told what a good cup of coffee is. Each person is unique in their preference and knows what they enjoy.  At Sacred Seed, we understand that and believe in providing a world class coffee experience for each and every person. Whether you like light, medium or dark roast, we want people to have that one coffee they cannot live without but still branch out and find new favorites.  Coffee is meant to be enjoyed.  It can be that one part of the day when you can take a moment to yourself or the perfect addition to a special get together with friends. 



I have always had an interest in coffee.  That interest grew into a passion for all things coffee.  I believe that a true coffee experience is always evolving.  It is something that must be cultivated but also involves a lot of discovery.  Coffee culture is ever changing.  Roasting allows me to take part in the process and help advance that culture.

There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee.   My profession allows me to showcase the natural beauty of the bean.  I am always working to expand my knowledge and expertise.  My goal is to continue to grow and keep providing high quality coffee that brings people together.

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